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All persons interested in Geospatial technology and its applications shall be eligible for membership subject to the approval of the Board of Advisers. Applicants must be willing to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws, and must maintain an interest in the activities of the GeoSK.

All prospective members must submit a written application accompanied by membership dues. Said application to be approved or rejected by the Board of Advisers. If rejected, the membership chairperson shall provide an explanation and a full refund will be made.

Annual subscription

Students Kshs 500, Professionals Ksh 2,000 , Honorary Ksh 5,000 and Corporate Ksh 20, 000


Consists of individuals in their Bachelor’s level of education pursuing courses related to spatial studies such as Geography, GIS, Remote Sensing, Geomatics, Cartography, Photogrammetry, and any Geospatial related courses, among others. Secondary and college students are also allowed to join.


Consist of dignitaries, politicians, government officials among others who are interested in the society for its success and affiliation.


Consist of individuals who are practicing their profession in any Geospatial related roles. They must have certificates or proof of their qualifications based on the set criteria.


Consist of organization, both private and/or public that may enter into an affiliation with the society. Could be having part or whole of their work in any geospatial related field.