The Society’s board announces its intention to convene the Inaugural Meeting of The Geospatial Society of Kenya. The meeting probably will be held within the 1 full week in February of 2018, in Technical University of Kenya in Nairobi city: details are being arranged. Clifford Okembo serves as the Society’s Chairperson, and Steve Ochieng will serve as the Society’s Executive Secretary, therefore, inquiries can be directed to them. The meeting is planned to be intellectually exciting, unifying, instructive and synthesizing. A deliberate attempt has been made to design a meeting format that will be unique in our pantheon of professional meetings and not compete with those of other societies. In the meeting there will be talks and organized discussion session around the items that will be enlisted in the agenda. As this will be the first business meeting of The Geospatial Society, the Visiona of the Society shall be communicated and comments received. More details will be available in the full announcement to be circulated soon and in subsequent issues of our Announcements.