Dear All,
We (the GeoSK Board) invite you to the 1st Meeting of members, to be held Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 5:30 PM at the Technical University of Kenya Hall.

The GEOSPATIAL SOCIETY OF KENYA is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement and/or dissemination of information relating to all aspects of the GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS. The Society was founded with the aim of establishing a premier public-benefit professional organization that represents the interests of the various of Geospatial professionals, organizations and companies throughout the country.In this regard, the Society founders and Board, would like to invite all registered members and other interested parties to join in the Inaugural meeting to fast forge a forward direction for the society.

The meeting Agenda:

  • Outlining the Vision of the Society to Members;
  • Detailed presentation of the Society‚Äôs immediate plan amd Vision for the various domains.
  • Planning for the official Launch of the Society (tentatively in March)
  • Discussion of the 2018/2019 Calendar of events.

We are proud of the role this Society will be playing in the Geospatial industry and are committed to its principles, and effective operation. Through our communication channels, the Society is ready to assist members with inquiries..

Geomaticists, Surveyors, Geospatialists, Hobbysts, devs are all invited.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! Looking forward to meeting you all.

The Board of Directors Chairman,

Clifford Okembo

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